Why is YouTube So Slow?

Over 30 million people everyday visit YouTube in their pastime and worktime. YouTube is the largest video-based online platform, with 5 billion videos are being watched every day. 

YouTube gives you a platform to express yourself through your content. You can connect with the audience from your room. So, how does the process work? We have broken down the entire process of uploading your content on the platform. Click here to know how long does it take to upload a video to YouTube.

Though many people use it daily, not everyone in 30 million users is happy with YouTube’s performance. Whether you’re watching a tutorial or enjoying a music video buffering always delays your work or gets in the way of your experience. Users often complain about buffering and quality. But it’s not still YouTube’s fault that your videos are not loading properly. It could be anything, your pc, browser, or even YouTube itself. We face these problems daily, and it’s high time to understand what’s causing these problems. While you’re cursing YouTube for the experience, we researched enough to know how to solve these problems once and for all. So, let’s get started.

Some Common Issues 

People search on Google for the unique problems they faced using YouTube. But we figured some issues are occurring more frequently than others. So we filtered those commonly encountered problems and the best possible solution for those problems. Here’s the list of the difficulties faced while playing YouTube videos.

Video Loading Error

While most of us browse through hundreds of videos to get what we want, sometimes the next click is the worst nightmare—the blank screen problem. We often get the ‘video loading error’ screen. Many factors might be working behind it. 

Slow loading 

Sometimes you might wonder why you’re not getting the apparent result from YouTube even with a fast internet connection. This problem refers to the time YouTube takes before starting the video. This problem often hurts the mood, like if you’re playing something for a group of people from YouTube and this occurs. Everyone’s starring at a loading screen with the loading circle’s going round and round. It kills the hype.


The most common problem that everyone faces is buffering. Some of us even took it as natural. It’s the worst mood killer. When you want to sing along with Sia in the chorus of ‘Dusk till dawn’ and what’s next? YouTube buffers. While you’re cursing your fast internet connection, the real problem may lie elsewhere. 

Why is YouTube So Slow?

Many factors can play a significant part in these problems. It could be something you’re not even considering. Typically, we use YouTube from a web browser or YouTube app. So what’s affecting your experience more? Here’s the probable list of reasons that causes problems.


Yes, your device might be the culprit for slow YouTube, whether you’re using it from an android or pc. Some browser uses an extra amount of RAM with every tab you’re opening. Lack of free RAM could slow your pc down and ultimately causes discomfort to your YouTube experience.

In android phones, the problem lies in having junk files and the number of apps running in the background. Often people forget to remove background apps and fingers YouTube for their struggles. But if you’re using a high-end device, then it’s not the device that’s causing your problem.

Cache and Cookies

I’m sure you came across these terms at least once while searching for a solution. So, what’s cache and cookies? When you visit a website from your browser, the browser stores a local copy of the site to reload it faster. Cookies are just small text files that store certain information on your local disk. Though these two things can improve your browsing experience, it can slow down your browsing experience. YouTube allows a large portion of cache stored in your device. If your YouTube app is acting up, it could be the cache that is causing. 

Internet Connection

Why is YouTube so slow? Most of the time, the answer is your internet connection. But before pointing your finger, check your internet stat first. Remember, when it is happening on all sites, then your internet connection is the culprit. 

YouTube Server

Last but not least problem is the YouTube server down or high traffic. One of the most visited websites sometimes falls short. Sometimes its big server falls short of handling the traffic. Other times YouTube takes some time for maintenance, which is very rare and brief. You can check server status on various sites.

How Can We Make YouTube Run Faster?

If you can figure out what’s causing the problem, then you’re halfway through the solution. There’s no specific solution for YouTube being slow. So, where to start is the main question. 

  1. When facing slow loading or a blank page, the first thing to do is to reload the page again. If it fails, try closing some tabs or restarting your web browser and device. 
  2. Using a different browser can solve your problem. Preferable browsers are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Keeping your browser up to date also helps the cause. 
  3. Removing browser cache and cookies can change the atmosphere at a glance. Every browser has its setting for clearing cache and cookies. You can clear them from the browser’s setting. On android phones, you’ll find the option of clear cache in the app setting.
  4. The flash player setting often causes slow video loading—update adobe flash player to date. Enable to run JavaScript in sites. This setting is available on the advanced setting option of any browser.
  5. A slow internet connection is like a mother of all problems. There are certain sites on the internet where you can speed-test for free. If your internet speed fluctuates a lot, try restarting your router, or contact your service provider.
  6. Finally, the high traffic problem can be solved by trying at a different time. Some websites offer free server status check. Use them to be sure if it’s causing the slow YouTube.


So why is YouTube so slow? There is no straightforward answer to it as the process entails several issues along the way. But luckily, there are some efficient workarounds to this issue. So next time you experience a buffer while uploading your content on YouTube, you know what to do.

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