Videos are becoming an integral part of the daily marketing strategy for most current websites. Youtube, by no doubt, is the platform that shares the largest content in this respect. If you come across anyone who has never heard of YouTube content, that must be a newbie in many aspects of life. So, what video editing software do YouTubers use? By estimates, a third of internet activity is spent on watching videos globally. Before the motion pictures launch on the channel, though, some people somewhere spend hours developing them beforehand. The result is the creation of online marketing, music videos, content making, etc. To create outstanding videos, you-tubers use software that has programs suitable for the market’s quality content. Below are six such essential technological tools.

Doodly Video Editing Software

You-tubers employ whiteboard animation technology to make many quick sketches. The process is easier compared to the traditional one in which an artist struggles to make sketches on the go following narrators’ comments. Doodly is a full-package software that provides wholesome services in video production. As such, you have to install the application on your computer to use it instead of sketching animations online and uploading it on the cloud.

Many YouTubers prefer it in creating numerous whiteboard animations combining royalty-free music with them. The software has several features to your taste. You can decide to use several graphics and vectors that come with it to enhance your production or upload your content, such as audio or images.  

Other special features include:

  • Extended animation styles; although it is essentially a design for whiteboard animation, it has provisions for the green board, chalkboard, and glass board.
  • Diverse hand sketchers; Doodly has 15 unique real hand-styles and 13 dissimilar caricature hand styles. Additionally, you can choose whether to use a left or right-hand artist.
  • Its resolution; ranges from 360p to 1080p.

There are two purchase plans; the standard and the enterprise. The first one is cheaper than the latter, with the last having a richer collection.

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Toonly Video Editing Software

Its functionality is similar to doodly. If you want a program that allows you to employ animations to market, present and explain, then Toonly is your best choice. It employs the drag and drop interface incorporating a huge number of vectors, backgrounds, audio, and image files. The outstanding difference with Toonly, though, is that it lacks whiteboard animation. It concentrates on characters and the effectual backgrounds.

Another feature that Toonly comes with is the thousands of featured contents. Numerous backgrounds, characters, scenes, text effects, animations, etc., exist for your ease of use. It also offers two premium plans- the standard and enterprise, with the last offering more characters. Consequently, the latter is expensive than the first one.

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Viddyoze Video Editing Software

Has the offer of creating more formal videos than Doodly and Toonly. The software roles in as a SaaS (Software as a Service) contrary to the first two, which are full-fledged programs. It implies that you will store your videos on cloud since you cannot download the software to your computer.

The feature of Viddyoze is beginner-friendly, helping new YouTubers create youtube videos with ease. Much of the work involves choosing from the available templates that the program provides. You can add your preferences to the templates to fit what you desire. For instance, you can add your images, logos, texts, and even make theme changes. Additionally, Viddyoze allows for intros and outro creation, boosting your marketing strategies.

Its subscriptions involve making a one-time payment to access the complete software with its diverse range of templates. It has two operating licenses- personal and commercial, with the first being cheaper.

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EasyVS Video Editing Software

EasyVSL helps you collect video sales letters in a few minutes. As such, customers don’t need to spend hours reading sales info before deciding whether to or not to buy a product. You do not have to be an expert you-tuber in this area to make it right since this software supplements you in many areas.


  • It is downloadable on Windows versions and Mac with its compatibility enabling you to create beautiful graphics and slides. Copy-paste your texts in the software and, it creates the slides automatically.
  • Speech recognition- this technology helps you to record your voice to much with the slides, which the software converts to texts.

Subscription is by standard price and a regular version with the last being more expensive.


It spreads through a larger user-base than the ones we have discussed. You-Tubers can make an easy and quick content creation experience with Filmora. It provides the basics of shooting and editing videos. You can upload videos from other sources or take videos with your smartphone webcam and tailor them to your needs.

Others features include;

  • It provides the chance to splice and cut YouTube video clips.
  • You can add footage and audio tracks.
  • Offers picture in picture, noise elimination, and color-tune enhancement.

Payment plans involve several premium subscriptions, with the annual plan going at $39.99. Other plans include the annual bundle plan that buys at $99.87 and the lifetime plan of $69.99. If you are to operate a business, you will have to feel a customs plan form that comes with a quoted price.

TuberTools Video Editing Software

Requests for a follow-up, link, or use of thumbnails with your content is essential if you are doing YouTube marketing. In this TuberTools.com, is instrumental in providing diverse motion templates graphics to enhance your videos.

Significant features include;

  • Offers motion graphics for videos.
  • Has beautiful end-screens.
  • Provides lower-thirds to highlight your company name, logo, etc.
  • You can get countdowns for high-quality top ten’s videos.

The pricing depends on what you want to buy. If you want sets, purchasing each separately will cost more than signing up for a membership plan at TuberTools.


YouTube video content requires the right software to make the quality that is desirable on the market. You only need to have the right program and, things get easier to manage. Most of the YouTube video makers come with additional in-built enhancers to help your audience not only to get the message but also receive it in style. Consequently, the quality of your software choice depends on the content you want to create. Your computer version should be compatible with the software to enhance its feasibility. Web-based platforms like cloud are always software friendly than offline platforms. Lastly, as a YouTube, you do well to consider the features and pricing plans of the software to get the best deal for your video development.

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