Mac Camera Not working? Here is How to Fix!

Mac Camera Not working? Here is How to Fix! Mac computers are some of the most beloved machines for creatives and even for just for office or school. They are some of the most popular back to school gifts.

The popularity is deserved though. Macs are seamless to work with and coupled with other Apple products the ecosystem experience is quite top-notch. It is all great when it works.

But when it does not work, it can be quite frustrating. Sometimes MacBook cameras might stop working but there is no need to panic though. There are many things you can do to troubleshoot it.

Your mac camera is not working? Here is how to fix it. This guide will give you a complete step by step procedure on what you can do to troubleshoot.

How to Fix Mac Camera Not Working

There are a couple of troubleshooting mechanisms you can try to get your mac camera back in working conditions. The fixes are simple and do not require you to open up the mac – we would not recommend that either.

If any of these does not help, you can take it to an Apple center and get help from an Apple genius. But more on that a bit later. 

mac camera is not working

1.    Close and Open the App Again

One of the very first steps you can take is to close the app you are using and restart the app again. This is the old ‘have you tried restarting it?’ methods. With most electronics this usually gets the work done.

Whether you are using FaceTime or Skype, simply close the app and restart the app as you would normally. A helpful tip to close the app is using the Cmd (command) button and pressing Q on the keyboard.

2.    Restart the Computer

Instead of restarting the app, you can simply restart the computer as well. This is also a basic troubleshooting method and works to iron out the most common software bugs.

3.    Reinstall or Update the App

Deleting the app that is causing problems and reinstalling it or updating the version of the app to the latest firmware can also fix the problem. You may have had auto-update disabled which paused all the updates in the background.

4.    Test out Different Apps

You can try testing the camera with a different app. This can be used to diagnose whether the problem is the specific app you are using or the camera in your mac itself. If it works with different apps, you can follow the steps above and reinstall or update the troublesome app.

Alternately, if your mac camera is not working on any other apps either, the problem may be a bit more deeply rooted.

5.    Check Your Privacy Settings

Apple is very big on privacy. It cares about its user’s data and privacy has been a major point of importance for the company over recent years. Macs sometimes do not allow permission to sensitive hardware such as the microphone or camera too apps. 

To get them to work, you need to give explicit permission. You can find the permission setting in system preferences.

6.    Multiple Apps May Be Requesting Camera Access

 Macs are designed so that a single app can request access and use the camera at the same time. If you are having trouble with your Mac camera, checking if multiple apps are requesting the camera is worthwhile.

Open ‘Activity Monitor’ and check to see which one of your apps is requesting the camera. You can quit the apps and relaunch the app that you want to use.

7.    Reset the SMC of Your Mac

Your Mac’s SMC is how your computer manages some of its hardware functions. Resetting the SMC can help fix any problems you might be having with your camera.

There are a couple of ways you can reset the SMC depends on what year the Mac was released.

For mac made 2017 or earlier simply turn your mac off and hold down the power button, shift, control and options for 30 seconds. Your mac will boot back up and the problems should be fixed.

If you are using a newer Mac with a T2 chip, the procedure is a bit different. Here is how to do it in two different methods.

Method 1

Step 1 – Shut down your Mac

Step 2 – press down and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds and release the button

Step 3 – Wait for a few seconds and press the power button again

This should generally fix the problem right away. If it does not, you can try the second method.

Method 2

Step 1 – Shut down your Mac

Step 2 – Press and hold the left control, left options and right shift for seven seconds and then press and hold the power button for another seven seconds

Step 3 – Release the buttons and wait a couple of seconds. Then start the computer up again. Your problem should be fixed

8.    Check Screen Time Settings

Check the screen times settings of your Mac. To do this, navigate to system preferences, click on Screen Time and click Content and Privacy.

From here Click Apps and ensure the checkbox next to your camera is checked. Also, ensure the limit is not selected for screen time either.

9.    Take Your Mac to an Apple Store

Lastly, you can try and take your Mac to the Apple store. You can schedule an appointment with an Apple genius and get your Mac fixed from there. This can be used as the last option if nothing else works.

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There are many things you can do when your mac camera is not working. Follow the option on this list and you should get your Mac camera back up and work in no time.

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