How to Solve [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] Error Code

From its inception, Microsoft has become a vital part of the lives of everyone across the globe, from students hustling to complete their assignments before the deadlines to employees making a difference in their workplace; the Microsoft experience has won the hearts of a large number of users over the years. 

It is highly likely if one is accustomed to the Windows operating system, they are well versed with Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook provides its users with an efficient folder management system, which makes tracking important emails and other messages a relatively easy process. Microsoft Outlook also has a relatively user-friendly interface.

From Yahoo to Gmail, a large number of people might find that their email clients’ user interface can become rather difficult to comprehend and utilize. In that regard, users can easily become frustrated with the technicities they face when the content they are finding is not offering an easier locate user interface. The user interface of Microsoft Outlook is easy to decipher and enables you to quickly find, retrieve and exchange information.

Users can also use features such as the Calendar to keep track of deadlines and keep a schedule of all their work. 

People greatly love to make of use Microsoft outlook for sending or receiving mail. Microsoft Outlook is also very user-friendly allow co-workers to modify calendars or even send personalized business cards or contact information. Besides, when it comes to finding and trying to manage, several e-mail clients usually are bombarded with some sort of rules. But, Outlook, improves the bar by allowing its users to move forward easily.

However, several users have reported issues regarding the [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error. 

Pii email errors are very common to people who use outlook regularly. These errors can be very annoying to overcome. Lack of knowledge of how to deal with these errors makes it difficult to make proper use of services in outlook properly and this creates significant issues in everyone’s daily lives. 

The error occurs due to problems in the client-server, making it difficult for the exchange of emails. In many cases, there will be difficulties caused by conflicts between the SMTP server and the client-server. Although the overall process seems stressful, overcoming it may not be a daunting task.

This issue is a frequent headache for several users, but the following steps might help users resume using outlook with optimal efficiency using the steps below:

  1. Delete old cache and cookies that have gathered over time
  2. Logging out of accounts that are less frequently used on the outlook forum
  3. Utilize the online web version application rather than the preinstalled version on Windows
  4. Ensuring updates that will otherwise comprise several of the new functionalities that outlook may bring
  5.  Contact Microsoft Customer Support

Now let’s go over the steps in details, 

Step 1

 For users that frequently use Outlook it is likely a lot of customizations and obstructions have been made throughout its use. These subtle changes can add up to the data of the app, through residue cache and cookies. The cookies and caches often get in the way of their functionality, and by removing old caches the error code may also be deleted. Users can then restart the system, and see if the app is working like before the error was discovered. 

Step 2

In many cases, we use more than one account for Microsoft outlook, as we have different email addresses for both personal and professional requirements. This often adds to the traffic of the app’s overall functionality, and sometimes users forget to logout. By failing to do so, a clash occurs between our different email accounts and the error code appears.

The safest bet would be to logout of emails, that are otherwise unnecessary and relaunch the app altogether. It is encouraged to launch Microsoft Outlook and log in to one’s primary account. 

Step 3

Although Windows outlook is available for free to use for Windows users, it is likely with time, several individuals will download a large number of applications. So, running a wide array of applications might prover difficult for pre-installed apps. Users can always opt for the internet version of the app, by navigating through the options bar on the top corner and clicking on the variant of the outlook web app which is in the route sheet. This will be followed by either cleaning or uninstalling the Microsoft outlook app. The online version is a lighter edition of Microsoft outlook.

Step 4

Many of us often overlook the importance of updating our apps on a timely basis. We put it off as either unimportant or an unnecessary burden we do not wish to take upon. Failing to ensure timely updates for Outlook maybe one of the underlying reasons for [pii_email_019b690b20082ef76df5] error.

Thus, it is important to monitor our apps using Windows’ system navigation if our apps are up to date. This may help overcome the problem, if not we can simply uninstall Outlook and Re-install it. It does not usually take more than 3 minutes for the uninstallation process to finish. After which, one is advised to reboot his laptop or PC and install the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

Step 5

Although Steps 1 to 4 should generally overcome the issue, these do not guarantee success but are recommended. If the issue is still not resolved, one can always get in contact with Microsoft support representatives for assistance. Microsoft is reputed to provide its customers with great support and assistance to help one overcome this problem. The website below is how you can get assistance and is as follows,”


The main purpose of this is to help users finally overcome the problems associated with the [pii_email_019b690b20082ef76df5] error code. A little patience and effort to follow the steps listed above can ensure more productivity and allow individuals to communicate using Outlook without having to worry about missing deadlines and following key instructions.

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