How to Make a Poll on Facebook

How to Make a Poll on Facebook? Facebook is one of the most used platforms for digital marketing. With the invaluable tools, the social site offers, it can give you great insights into your campaigns and help you build an audience. 

The targeting tools are also phenomenal and give you a lot of control over your marketing campaigns. You can get creative with your content ideas as well to get your followers to engage with your content. One way of doing that is by making Facebook polls.

If you do not know how to make a poll on Facebook, this guide will give you a step by step guide on doing exactly that. We will also touch on some of the benefits of making polls on Facebook. So, let’s get started.

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How to Make a Poll on Facebook?

Making polls on Facebook can be done with just a few simple posts. It is intuitive and if you follow our step-by-step process, you will be making engaging polls for your audience in no time.

Step 1 – From your profile, click on ‘Make a post’

Step 2 – When you are creating a post, you will have an option for making a poll, click on it to start making your poll.

Step 3 – Your poll does not have to be a plain and simple text poll either. You can make polls using video, gifs, and even images. Pick the style you want.

Step 4 – Next up, type in your poll questions and also how long do you want the poll to be active on your page. It means how long do you want your followers to be able to answer the poll.

Step 5 – After you are done making the poll, you can post the poll either on your story or your news feed. There are additional fields for locations and tags you can add.

That is, you just made a poll on Facebook. The process is really simple to follow and won’t take much time at all. When making polls. Make your polls as engaging as it can be.

That will ensure the highest number of engagements with your audience. You can even use tools like Polls for Pages to make them. Also, use Facebook Insights to gather data about your poll.

Why Would You Want to Use Facebook Polls?

how to make polls on facebook

Polls are a great tool to get more engagement with your Facebook followers and even get newer ones. There are a lot of benefits to using Facebook polls. They are a fun way of getting your Facebook followers to engage with your page. 

Social media can be used to create brand loyalty. Another great benefit of social media is customer insights. And Facebook polls can give you rich customer insight which can be used to make improvements to products and also create future product strategies. Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook polls.

1. Create better relationships

Most social media from brands and companies can sometimes end up feeling a one-way conversation. If you want to create deeper relationships with your customers, you can use Facebook to entice your followers to interact with you and also voice their thoughts.

Polls are one of the perfect ways of doing that. Whether you are a company or an influencer, Facebook polls are a great way to cultivate long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your followers.

It can make them feel heard and put your brand in a good light as well, which will be beneficial for your brand image in the long run. Besides, with consumers being bombarded with ads constantly nowadays, a poll where they have the chance to share feedback with you is a much-needed refresher for all.

So, polls can surely start the conversation going from both ways and pull the customer back in.

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2. Higher Engagement

The more engaging your posts are the better it is for your brand. Your customers did not follow your social media page just to know the facts and features of the products and services you offer.

It is the added value you bring to them through your social media content. Polls, therefore, are a great way to entice your followers to engage with your company. They help your customers get invested with your brand since they are directly interacting with your page.

Besides this, the algorithms love engagement. Likes, comments and shares are all crucial to build a strong social media presence. The more engaged your Facebook followers, the more likely your posts are to reach more people.

This will automatically attract more people to your page. You can increase your follower count and keep them engaged with the content you put out.

3. Offers Content Variety

Creating Polls can be a refreshing change from your usual content. You can only keep posting videos and images for so long. At one point you must mix things up to keep in interesting for your followers.

Plus, a profile with the same type of content over and over again gets tiring very fast. Using polls therefore is a great way to change things up and of course, keep your followers’ interest.

As you know, a constant posting schedule is also good for the algorithm. If you are out of ideas for once, you can post an easy poll on Facebook. It gives you new content and also engages your followers.

There is more to it. If you think about it, a poll can give you two content pieces. One is the original poll itself and you can also publish the results of the poll as a separate piece of content, which may garner the same level of engagement from your followers or audience.

Your page’s engagement rises and your followers get some fresh new content to enjoy and engage with. It is a win-win for all.

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Hope this guide has helped you knowing how to make polls on Facebook. With the tools available nowadays, creating content that your followers enjoy is easier than ever. So, make the best use of it and grow your page.

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