How To Change Minecraft Skin: PC, Console, and Pocket Edition Covered

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably heard about Minecraft and even have played it. It is the best-selling game of all time and has become a cultural juggernaut of sorts.

Its sales have crossed over 200 million and around 126 million people play the game monthly. It is a super customizable game with endless possibilities where you can build or do anything.

You start off your game with a default character named Steve. But there may come a point when you want to change your skin. It will give you a more personalized feel and a breath of fresh air to your gaming experience.

From popular characters like Homer, Batman to Thanos, you can edit or customize your skin to just about anything. The process is simple, so don’t worry!

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The process differs from platform to platform though. Whether you’re playing Minecraft on your PC, mobile phone, or your preferred console, we’ll show you the way.

How to Change a Minecraft Skin in the PC Edition

The way to change your Minecraft skin has changed a lot during the years. The good thing is that it has become easier. There are basically two ways through which you can change your skin.

  • To choose a new skin featured in the built-in skin chooser.
  • To download your preferred skin available on the web.

Now we are going to show you how to follow these two methods accordingly.

1. Changing a Minecraft Skin In-game

Due to recent updates, changing Minecraft skins have become easier than ever. You will do this with the help of a feature called skin chooser. It’s a built-in feature of the game. You just have to choose one already available in the game using this feature.

At first, you have to click on the cloth hanger image which appears just below the main title screen. Your click will activate the Minecraft skin chooser. From there, you can preview and choose from a myriad of skins of different characters and designs.

Most of the skins are available for free. For the rest, you have to purchase them through Minecraft coins. You can identify whether a skin is free or not easily. The non-free ones are marked with a white lock icon.

2. Downloading a Minecraft Skin from The Web  

The main advantage here is, you’re not limited to a selected few skin. There are tons of varieties of skin available on the web. Other Minecraft players made most of these. It takes time and effort to create them.

We should be thankful to the other Minecraft players for sharing these skins on the internet. The process of finding and downloading may be a bit tricky. But, it will feel easy if you follow these simple instructions.

Step 1: Download Your Preferred Skin

You can download the skins from sites like MinecraftSkins, Skindex, etc.  These skins look very small in the PNF format. But, keep in mind about the destination of the downloaded file and its name.

Step 2: Log in to

Now, go to your profile in in Click on the profile button, and log in through the Mojang account.

Step 3: Upload Your Skin to the Profile Page

After logging in, click on the browse button and find the skin you want to use. Then select upload, and wait for a confirmation message.

Step 4: Enter Minecraft and Use Your Skin 

Now, you just have to log in to your game. But, if you’re already playing, exit Minecraft, and then enter again. After that, load the Minecraft world and tap on F5. This will enable you to see your new screen.

Step 5: Customize Skin from the Menu

The latest update had added a lot of customizable features. You can put on separate items like jacket, coat, hats, etc. on your character. You don’t even need mods to do that anymore.

If you want to customize your skin, move to the button named “Option”, and then skin customization. Bear in mind that the new skins are compatible with the recent updates.

How to Change Minecraft Skin in Console Editions

How To Change Minecraft Skin in Console

Most consoles can’t store downloaded files. So, you can’t download and apply skin in the same way. You can only use the free and paid skins available in Minecraft.

At first, open Minecraft from the main menu, and select Help and Options. Then, select your preferred skin. If your selected skin isn’t free, you’ll have to purchase it from your platform’s store.

After you’ve selected skin, it will become the default skin for your character.

How to Change Minecraft Skin in Pocket Edition

Search for a third-party Minecraft skin website like MinecraftSkins from your mobile browser, and download the preferred skin you want to use on your character. The downloading of the skins begins automatically on the newer versions of iOS and Android.

Now, open Minecraft PE, and go to settings, and then to the profile section. Then, tap on ‘choose skin’ by pressing the blank skin icon.

Now, select the file you’ve downloaded. Finally, tap confirm for the changes to apply. The selected skin will be default now.

If you have Xbox, press “A”, and press “X” in case of a PlayStation. This will instantly change your Minecraft skin to your desired avatar.


One of the reasons behind Minecraft’s immense popularity is its versatility and creativity. You can change your gameplay the way you see fit. Sadly, this flexibility is not extended to your default character skin.

There are some skins available in the built-in skin chooser, but the options are rather limited. By using the methods we’ve showed, you can change your skin easily, that too from a wide range of options.

So, show off your cool avatar and enhance your gaming experience.

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