Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

When you are looking for a gaming chair, the most important feature that you should consider is comfort. You would want a chair that won’t be too large or too small for your body proportion. Getting a chair that is too huge for you will ruin the efficiency of the chair and make your gaming sessions unpleasant. Thankfully, we've compiled a list of the best gaming chairs for short person to help you drive your gaming to the next stage.

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Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person




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Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Comes in a sleek shape, covered in black leather with carbon fiber for a good gaming experience

An ergonomic structure aids in the maintenance of a neutral and balanced stance as well as the reduction of discomfort and pain

The seat, headrest and the lumbar is well padded with cushions

It comes with an angle adjuster that offers optimal angle support of 90 degrees to 170 degrees

Adjustable height and armrests

Durable metal structure, supportive rigid foam, plush pu leather are all high-quality components

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Furmax Office Desk

Made with high quality leather

The seat is bucket shaped for added comfort and the arm rests are padded

Comfortable seating with a 3 inch deep padded cushion and a backrest of 2 inches

Comes with swiveling wheel that can rotate 360 degree and runs steadily on the floor

The mesh design makes it durable

It can rock back and forth, making it ideal for relaxing after a long day of work

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Homall Gaming Chair

High-density forming foam is used because it is more convenient, has greater elasticity, and has a longer service life

Steel frame is 1.8mm thick, making it more durable and solid

Skin friendly PU leather that does not wear out easily

Long-lasting, dependable, and capable of lifting up to 300 pounds.

Contains rubber casters that roll silently and have been checked for 1000 miles

Ideal for playing computer games, watching television, working, and relaxing

It will give your room a more contemporary and sophisticated feel

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

OFM ESS Gaming Chair

It is designed as a race car seat that offers comfort luxury during prolonged gaming session or hard workdays

It’s a swivel chair with ergonomic design that gives you premium support so you can play for hours without hurting your back

Has segmented and contoured foam

Also contains an adjustable padded headrest along with foam made arm rests

Height variation, Angling headrest, 360 degree rotation along with flip-up sides, are all included in this gaming chair

For an athletic look and casual feel, it's furnishes using SofThread Leather with contrasting colors

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

AKRacing California

Comes in a small size suitable for people under 5 feet 7 inches

Has a 5 year factory warranty against any damage

100 percent curved and layered foam padding with optimal density for long-term longevity and comfort

Its steel frame is coated with an anti corrosive coating

Bright colors and white armrests create a unique look

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Hbada Gaming Chair

Has a wide seat area for professional gamers

Made of PU leather for high durability and contains adjustable lumbar support and headrest

The backrest is kept high that guarantees proper neck and back support and balance

The backrest can be leaned backward from 90 to 155 degrees

Armrests with a 7cm height adjustment conform to different desk heights and seating positions

Its seat height is 8 cm, which is ideal for people under 6 feet

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Any professional gamer less than 6 feet tall should consider the GTracing Gaming Chair. It features 3D armrests, allows you to recline till 170° and has a swivel rotation of 360°.  The ergonomic design of this chair is also supported by some luxurious padding on the headrest, arm rest, seat and the back.

The chair is incredibly comfortable to sit in, thanks to its enhanced flexibility with the use of good quality materials. Furthermore, installing and fine-tuning it isn't that complex.

It's not surprising that this Gaming Chair by GTracing has more adaptability than you could expect from a budget friendly edition, so there can be some squeakiness. Apart from the irritating sounds, the construction quality seems to be above average.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Comes with adjustable 3D armrests
  • Easy to set up the parts


  • Makes noise while rotating

2. Furmax Office Desk

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Furmax Office Desk Gaming Chair is a steal for its price. Let's take a look at this chair's design. You would think this chair has little to do with gamers at first sight. Its simple, unfussy design works well in every office setting, and the fabrics give it the appearance of a really expensive chair.

This chair is made of a mixture of PU leather and good quality mesh, just like other office alternatives. Aside from the price, the high standard of breathability is one of the chair's key selling points.


  • Ideal for long period gaming sessions
  • Budget friendly
  • Has a polished design
  • Made with good quality materials


  • Not that flexible

3. Homall Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

Next up on the list we have a gaming chair from Homall which is both trendy and very comfortable. It's designed for those who weigh less than 300 lbs. and are less than 6'2′′.
Aside from that, most gamers should be satisfied with its ergonomic as well as highly customizable features. You get the chance to work, play, and take a nap after you gaming sessions thanks to the 180° recline and a 360° hinge rotation.

The chair also has a removable headrest that you can adjust according to your comfort level as well as lumbar support. Homall did an outstanding job in terms of convenience with this model.


  • Has a seat with a thickness of 4 inches that adds to your comfort
  • Head rets is adjustable
  • Contains a lumbar support
  • Wallet friendly
  • You get multiple color options to choose from


  • Arm rests cannot be adjusted

4. OFM ESS Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

The OFM Gaming chair would be a fantastic blend of workplace aesthetics with gaming features. In comparison to other models designed with racing style, this chair comes with a sleek and minimal appearance.

The exterior is made of mesh that allows the chair material to breathe and PU leather of high quality. Despite the fact that the entire chair weighs just 16 pounds, the overall weight guideline is a staggering 275 pounds.

Even though the chair has been made using high-end fabrics and an appealing design, it costs less than $200. It would be a real deal for a short person because of the polished style and solid ergonomics.


  • Lightweight
  • Carries a sleek design
  • Has cushioning in adequate amount
  • Wallet friendly
  • Adjustable back and seat


  • The headrest cannot be adjusted
  • Armrests can only be moved upward or downward

5. AKRacing California

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

You would not be disappointed by this AKRacing gaming chair if you have a height less than 5′6′′. Among the very few models made especially for short women, the AKRacing California Chair is a well-known one. Of course, anyone with a petite body, even girls, would appreciate how convenient and ergonomic the chair is.

AKRacing ensured that all parts of this chair are appropriate for the intended consumer. With a narrow seat and short backrest, this gaming chair might be just what you have been looking for.


  • Suitable for people under 5’7’’
  • Can be used for long term gaming sessions
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Bulky
  • Not budget friendly

6. Hbada Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs for Short Person

The last chair on this list comes with a racing style design along with a few gamer friendly features. The Hbada chair is recommended for people whose height ranges from 5′2′′ to 6′′.

They also consider that the highest recommended weight is no more than 300 pounds due to the solid foundation. Despite the fact that the top class longevity and ample cushioning can accommodate larger gamers, its measurements are specifically designed for smaller people.


  • There is plenty of cushioning
  • Simple to assemble
  • Has a sturdy frame


  • The arm rests are not padded
  • The swivel wheels make noise

Buying Guide

Let's take a look at all the great features which will be worth your money. Furthermore, this guide will explain the core features to look for while purchasing a new gaming chair.

Unlike most components in in gaming system, you cannot find a fixed size solution for your gaming chair.

You may have the most luxurious fabrics in the world, but the gaming experience would not be a pleasant one if the size of your chair is incorrect. Now let's talk about some other features which you shouldn't forget.


Firstly, when choosing your gaming chair, comfort would unquestionably be the most crucial consideration. If you're hunting for a gaming chair, chances are you like to play for long periods of time.

As a result, a chair without the best height for you and which isn't adjustable is a nightmare waiting to happen. Completely adjustable armrests, a cushioned headrest and a lumbar support, are all standard features of a comfortable gaming chair.

If any of these features are absent from a chair, there is a greater chance of experiencing permanent back pain as well as less fun gaming overall.

Build Quality

After you buy the most luxurious chair in the world, and it lasts only for a few weeks, you'd make sure to get a refund. To avoid such situations, make sure to check the building quality of the chair.

The components used to build a gaming chair are the greatest predictor of its durability. The quality of the chair is also one of the reasons why some manufacturers demand a higher price from similar gaming chairs than others. Durability, like degrees of comfort, is a good place to put your money into. 


Let's face it, appearances are important, particularly with regard to gaming chairs. Despite the fact that aesthetics are personal, not every brand will provide the same level of sophistication.

You get to choose whether you want a racing style or office style chair, according to the gaming environment.


Many gaming chairs, like traditional office chairs, are very cheap, while there are some that can cost you a fortune.

More ergonomics, improved fabrics, and an attractive design are typically associated with a higher price. However, there are still some excellent budget-friendly alternatives available for you.

Bottom Line

This comprehensive guide should have given you a better idea of what you should look for in your gaming chair, particularly if you are a short person.

Choosing which of the six best choices is right for you would not be that tough. Hopefully, you will be pleased with your next investment if you choose convenience and longevity above anything else.

Despite the fact that most people choose gaming chairs due to their stylish looks, the best option is always a chair that suits you perfectly. As a result, ensure that the fabrics are of high quality, that the size is appropriate for you, and that there is sufficient adjustability.

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