Top 3 Best Emergency Radio of 2021 (Reviewed)

Although conventional radios have been pretty much replaced with modern smartphones that come geared with a lot of improved features, emergency radios are still a very crucial part of many travelers’ emergency kits.

These radios provide a communication channel in case of any emergencies and in this article, we will be informing you about some of the best emergency radio sets that you can buy right now from Amazon.

We will be rating these products on different factors such as battery life, Durability, Price, and many other factors. The market is pretty saturated for emergency radios and you can choose based upon the feature that you would like most to have in your radio set.

Why would you need an Emergency Radio?

An emergency radio is pretty much a necessity for people that like to adventure and travel to places where there aren’t any power outlets or mobile signals. These Radios are well equipped to last a long time without any power and they can help you receive emergency notifications from the NOAA as well if the power grid is knocked up and you cannot charge your smartphone.

What are some Key Features to look out for in Emergency Radios?

Basically, as the name suggests, you need a Radio set that is most lucrative during an emergency and during such conditions, perks such as USB charging ports or flashlight aren’t really that important. We recommend that you get a radio that has a hand crank charging option and has great battery life. Furthermore, it is very important that in addition to AM and FM, the radio has access to NOAA weather channels that allows it to receive important alerts.

Best Emergency Radios that you can Buy Right Now

1. FoS Power Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

FoS Power Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This radio is priced at just 35$ and the features that have been packed into it for this price point are just amazing. The Radio has been delivered as an upgraded version of its predecessor and has many amazing features, it now packs a battery of up to 4000 mAH and has amazing features like 4 LED lights that can keep you out of the dark in dire emergency situations.

In addition to that, it has a Hand Crank power option that can ensure that if the power goes out, you can simply crank the radio to charge it, it is able to charge your phone or tablet with its 4000 mAH battery as well so that is also a good plus.

Keeping in mind that this radio is also very durable and has an IPX3 rating which means that it is also water-resistant for harsh weather conditions. The Radio contains a Flashlight as well and in addition to that, it also has the SOS beacon feature which is able to signal authorities for help by emitting a loud siren-like sound.

There is no doubt that this radio is absolutely packed with a lot of features and can be very helpful in dire circumstances.

2. Weather Radio Raynic 5000mAh Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio

This radio has been conveniently priced at 40$ price point which means that although it is a little expensive than the previous one that we have reviewed, it can easily justify its slightly higher price due to the additional features that it packs under its hood.

This Emergency Radio has 5 Power sources meaning that you can hand crank it, solar charge it, use the factory-installed 5000mAH battery, or use the AAA battery slots to increase its capacity beyond that. You can also choose to use AC power with it if the batteries have been all used up and you are not in the mood for cranking.

This Radio has the SOS feature as well so you can easily signal the authorities in case you go missing and there is a search party nearby, in addition to that, it has a 3W flashlight instead of a 1W one in the previous one that we reviewed.

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The Radio comes with a compass as well so in case you are lost, you can help find your way back using a map, also, it can access the NOAA weather channels to get any emergency weather alerts. The Radio comes packed with an IPX3 water-resistant rating which makes sure that even in harsh weather conditions, you can rely on your Radio to work just fine.

3. Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio

Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio

This Radio is the most expensive out of our collection priced around 50$ but the thing with this one is that this is probably the best-reviewed out of all of them. It has 3 LEDs to make sure that you always have light available in dire conditions. The Flashlight is pretty capable as well and the best thing about this radio is that it is able to juice up your phone pretty quickly than the other ones to make sure that you are able to make any emergency calls in dire situations.

A built-in speaker and a headphone jack have been integrated as well and in addition to all these features, the hand crank option is also available in this. The most important feature of all in this Radio is that it is the sturdiest of them all. A squared up shape that has Rubbers around its edge to absorb any fall damage make sure that even if it falls out of your hands, you don’t need to worry about damaging your last resort.

The Radio is capable of receiving all 7 NOAA channels so that you can rest easy that in case of any dire circumstances or weather changes, you will be informed up and receive all updates. On top of all this, the Radio also contains a USB-C port to make sure that your phone stays charged up even if it doesn’t support conventional USB A options.

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