7 Best Cellular Trail Cameras in 2021

A cellular trail camera allows you to keep track of animals within a certain zone without being present physically. This is why any big wildlife enthusiast would prioritize a good quality cellular trail camera oven most other tools

Even just a few years ago, there was one rare company that sold a cellular option. Now, most cellular companies have come out with their version of a trail camera. With time and ubiquity, technology becomes cheaper, eventually leading to a more widespread popularity of these remote observers. We don’t blame you; they are pretty addictive – just be careful. 

If you’re a newbie, you might not even know what to look for. Which is why we have also talked in detail about everything you should consider while purchasing the best cellular trail camera. We break down the features of these products and discuss the bits we adored as well as the bits we would change.

Buying Guide for Best Cellular Trail Cameras

Just like with any other appliance, there are some features you must consider to choosing the correct trail camera. 


Without doubt, when shopping for your trail camera, you need to pick the cellular network available where you will use it. You definitely won’t enjoy using your camera if it operates on a cellular network which doesn’t have coverage in your area. Thus, regardless of whether you’re going for 3G or 4G, ensure the network is compatible with your geographical region.


As it’s a camera, the power of the included lens will be a big deciding factor. Anything more than 12 MP can be considered decent for short to medium range imaging. You need to find something that is at least 20 MP (if not more) if you want to do long distance imaging. This way the images will still be clear in the dark.

PIR range

PIR is the abbreviated form of Passive InfraRed and it is one crucial feature when taking photos or videos in gloomy or dark conditions. Thanks to this feature, a trail camera won’t need to be dependent on an LED flash. In addition, this feature will be rather helpful if you want to be stealthy.


The range of your trail camera greatly matters where capturing photos or videos in bright light. If the camera can’t produce clear images, there is no point wasting your money on that gadget. Be extra careful when selecting the range that your trail camera can cover.


A powerful camera sensor will produce images and videos without any visual noise even in low light conditions. For the best image quality, high megapixels couples with high resolutions is needed.

However, these features add to the final cost. Therefore, you have to find the balance between the things that work for you and the cost. For short ranges, you need at least 720p while for long rangers 1080p is enough.

Trigger speed

Trigger speed is super important when a device is meant to take photos on the field. If the camera’s reaction time is slow, you run the risk of missing out a lot. A camera equipped with a high trigger speed will take many images in a span of milliseconds. Generally, a trigger speed between 0.1 to 0.5 seconds is considered optimum.


Notifications is directly linked to area coverage and network. With a good cellular network, your camera will frequently notify you as soon as it snaps a shot. That is only possible when the signal is strong.

For a standard trail camera that can be marked “impressive”, it will notify you on your phone or computer within a minute after capturing a picture. The settings should be customizable to better suit them to your needs.


Majority of the trail cameras function on AA batteries, either lithium or alkaline. And majority of them need an 8 or 12 batteries pack. A camera equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities is bound to be heavier on the battery consumption. Cellular trail cameras fare significantly better on battery consumption. Generally, these batteries last anywhere between 8 to 10 months.

7 Best Cellular Trail Cameras in 2021(Overview)




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Creative XP GlassRaven LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Creative XP GlassRaven LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

1. 1080p Video Recording

2. IP66 Weatherproofing

3. High-Definition Night Vision

Spartan Ghost 4G/LTE Blackout GoCam

Spartan Ghost 4G/LTE Blackout GoCam

1. Anti-theft GPS

2. Capable of connecting to 15W solar panel

3. Lithium battery

Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree

Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree

1. 20 Megapixels

2. 0.4 second trigger speed

3. GPS functionality

Covert Scouting Cameras CODE BLACK 20 LTE (AT&T network)

Covert Scouting Cameras CODE BLACK 20 LTE (AT&T network)

1. 100 Foot Flash

2. Real-time feed

3. Web portal and app to facilitate remote access



1. 12 Megapixels

2. 0.07 seconds trigger speed

3. HD video recording

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera with Mount (Link Micro-V)

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera with Mount (Link Micro-V)

1. 10 MP camera

2. 80-foot detection range

3. 480p video recording

Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T)

Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T)

1. 720p HD video recording

2. Under 1 second trigger speed

3. Certified IP65 waterproof

7 Best Cellular Trail Cameras in 2021(Review)

1. Creative XP GlassRaven LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera – Winner (B07Y2HQ8Y4)

Creative XP GlassRaven LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Equipped with no glow 56 LEDs, the GlassRaven LTE Cellular camera is the best trail camera money can buy. The camera boasts some of the best night shots available between competing products. Apart from the sharp animal monitoring and hunting tool that it is, the camera is a great security option, cemented by its 0.35 second trigger time and 110° PIR angle. You can take a look at your photos and videos any time thanks to the cellular Wi-Fi connection, as well as reserving the option to send any stored media on the SD card to any phone number or email within the US. While The battery life is similar to any other standard cellular trail camera, there is one Creative XP Solar Panel available for separate purchase which will let you charge your appliance anywhere.


  • Great video quality
  • Snow and waterproof
  • Full HD night vision
  • Amazing value for money


  • Not compatible with ATT
  • Setup is complicated

2. Spartan Ghost 4G/LTE Blackout GoCam – Runner-Up (B07PBXRWR9)

Spartan Ghost 4G/LTE Blackout GoCam

Looking to add an invisible cellular trail camera that features state-of-the-art technology and a cool futuristic design in your toolkit? The Cellcom Spartan Camera is the one for you. Owing to Spartan’s dedicated cellular network service, you can easily download the Spartan app on your mobile device and view the camera’s storage any time you want. One more key feature is the in-built anti-theft GPS – allows the camera to be tracked remotely even after the external lithium battery is taken out. On that note, the Cellcom Ghost is capable of taking some gnarly shots, courtesy of its blazing 0.4 second trigger time and reliable motion sensor. The camera is advertised to be “nature” proof, which can be useful in ones installed in rural areas.


  • Pictures can be moved via AES 256 encryption
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Lightning-fast impulses


  • Expensive
  • Some users complained Spartans has slow customer service

3. Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree (B079W82LVZ)

Covert Blackhawk LTE - Verizon Realtree

Reliable, packed with features, and practical, the Blackhawk 20 LTE is one heck of a solid cellular trail camera. Powered with its 20 megapixels photography, 0.4 second trigger speed, and 100 foot flash range, this camera is extremely versatile in the list of jobs it can accomplish. Use Covert Scouting’s dedicated web portal plus phone app to access your photos easily. There is also the time lapse mode for when you’re in the mood to do some long term observation. You will also be to easily and quickly view images, adjust settings, and access real-time information through these channels – all totally free.


  • Easy to control
  • Takes sharp photos
  • Convenient readings
  • Decent battery life


  • Hard to set
  • Not the best customer service

4. Covert Scouting Cameras CODE BLACK 20 LTE (AT&T network) (B086PS8HGF)

Covert Scouting Cameras CODE BLACK 20 LTE (AT&T network)

This might be considered cheating, but hear us out! This camera is very similar to the one mentioned just before this, but this one is compatible with AT&T. The CODE BLACK is such a fan favorite that we had to look into why so many blindly rely on this gadget for years. The best part of this pick is that you will be able to choose a network setting that’s suitable for you as well as crisp and clear images.  In addition, these technology savvy products said goodbye to glowy LEDs, as this one comes with 60 seconds no glow LED.


  • 100-foot flash range
  • Allows to choose between networks
  • Good design
  • Great camera quality


  • On the pricey side
  • Not the most technologically advanced

5. Spypoint LINK-S SOLAR (B06XP4FCDP)


Combine the green of solar power charging with the functionality of remote storage access and you get the LINK-S SOLAR from Spypoint. These factors allow the camera to produces much better images than a regular trail camera could. As the experts would know, cellular trail cameras have this notorious tendency of drying out power from batteries way too fast. This generally applies to a faulty connection or network issues indicating the camera needs to be functional for longer. With the LINK-S SOLAR, say goodbye to the worry of the past! Pair that with the 0.07 seconds trigger speed and 100-foot flash and you got a true beast in the great outdoors


  • Fastest trigger speed
  • High quality build
  • Blur reduction
  • Reliable in any weather conditions


  • Questionable customer service
  • Quite expensive

6. Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera with Mount (B07R6JH95G)

Spypoint Link Micro 4G Cellular Trail Camera with Mount (Link Micro-V)

Sold not only as a cellular trail camera, but as a valuable addition to your entire security system, the Spypoint Link Micro stays true to its name. While every other trail camera promises to add a touch of convenience, not every one of them focuses a specification to reducing size, apart from the Link Micro. This camera is also labelled as the tiniest in the market, but don’t think it falls short in the power department! It can capture movement up to a maximum distance of 80 feet in under a second.


  • Super compact
  • Variety of compatible environments
  • Multiple applications
  • 0.05 second trigger speed


  • Only 10 MP camera
  • Weak video recording – 480p

7. Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T) (B00XNJXVI8)

Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T)

If you want a solid cellular trial camera that balances cost and utility, this is the one for you! The Spartan HD GoCam may not be the cheapest in the market but it promises value that’s hard to beat. Besides the clear picture and video quality, the USP of this particular cam is the cellular connectivity. You can set up any footage to be transferred to your messenger or email app without any hassle. Involving other contacts like friends and family is also seamless. Some other great bits include the 70 feet flash range, speedy camera trigger, and convenient pay-as-you-go scheme


  • Paying method
  • 2-year warranty
  • Clear images in all weathers
  • Decent battery life


  • Poor video recording
  • Night vision is mediocre at best

Bottom Line

Our list contains only the latest and greatest, so if you pick up any of the ones mentioned below, you may be opening your bank account to some pretty expensive transaction. You may also find that a lesser intrusive way of scouting can result in more fruitful hunts, which is the purpose of these gadgets, after all. With that being said, consider your needs and budget before making the final call as this is an important investment in your wildlife exploration journey.

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