Cocktail weddings – The New Trend In Melbourne 

The number of couples who choose a cocktail wedding reception is increasing. This trend is gaining popularity. It is not a surprise as it is a new and excellent way of organizing a wedding reception. Some couples don’t want a traditional reception; they want something new. They don’t want to be the same as many other couples; they wish for something different. If you are one of these individuals, having a cocktail wedding reception is an excellent idea.

It is never easy to plan a huge event like this for the first time. Various elements are involved, and things can get complicated and stressful. However, you will undoubtedly experience less stress with a cocktail reception than with a traditional alternative.

There are no rules when it comes to planning a wedding day. You are not obligated to have a sit-down dinner, like most couples. You can be unique by choosing this new trend. Cocktail wedding receptions are becoming increasingly popular. They are also more affordable than the traditional option. It is no wonder many couples pick cocktail reception, especially those who are on a budget. If you can’t afford to spend a large sum of money on your big day, it is an excellent solution.

Tips for planning a cocktail wedding reception

One of the things you should do before your special day is to let your guests know what they can expect. Although cocktail receptions don’t include dinner, you should remind your guests this. Some of them might come to your reception hungry and wonder where all the food is. They might end up disappointed, and you probably don’t want this to happen. No one wants their guests to be unsatisfied with the entire event just because they forgot and weren’t reminded that it doesn’t include food. Tell every person you invited that you are organizing a cocktail reception followed by cake.

It would be the best idea to have a combination of regular tables and chairs and hi-top cocktail tables. You need to be aware that you will probably have seniors on your wedding. Your grandparents will surely prefer sitting to standing, as standing for a long time can be quite uncomfortable to them. Take your needs and abilities into consideration when planning a cocktail reception. Your friends will probably be cool with standing, but you never know when someone would want to sit. Also, most of your female guests will wear heels, which tend to become uncomfortable after a while. Having the right combination of mobility and comfort is important.

Finally, don’t forget to eat. Many couples are excited during the entire event that they forget to put something in their mouth. Some of them are hungry, but they can’t find the right opportunity to grab something to eat as everyone wants to talk to them and take photos with them. During this time, your guests can eat all appetizers. That’s why you should have someone put aside plates for you and your spouse. That way, you won’t be hungry, and you will have enough energy to make it through the entire event.



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